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Introduction to Animal Reiki

This is a short introduction course in opening your mind and heart to loving-kindness and connecting with Animals through Reiki.

Meditating with animals can help you let go of things that are holding you back from finding your true happiness in life. Your animals will feel the benefits of healing emotional, trauma behaviors and physical ailments. The path of healing is a lifelong journey of peeling back the layers that cover up your inner light.

Get ready to receive the joyful gift of abundant healing; the animals will show you the way!

What you will learn:

  • The traditional Japanese meaning of Reiki and how it relates to the healing of self and others

  • The Reiki Precepts, and meditations and working with them with animals

  • Hands-on Reiki self-treatment, and how to incorporate animals into these sessions

  • Techniques for grounding, expansion and connection to help you become an animal magnet to even the most sensitive animals!

  • The philosophy of “being” Reiki “with” your animals, rather than doing” Reiki “to” them

About the Instructor:

Joannie Loobey has been practicing Reiki since 2014. She is trained in the Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Linage. She holds the title of Okuden Advanced Animal Reiki II and Shinpinden Teacher Reiki III by SARA (Shelter Animal Reki Association). Joannie began her journey by attending the SARA (Shelter Animal Rescue Association) Animal Retreat held at Ratna Ling Tibetan Buddhist Retreat on the California Coast in 2014.

This class is for humans only!

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