It was a Hard-knock Life Until SVPP Rescued Me

My name is Pipsqueak and I was rescued from the San Jose Animal Care Center.  Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) saved my life!

I’m 8 years old and was suffering from really bad teeth, an enlarged heart (which makes sense since I have so much love to give!) and a luxated patella.  I don’t know what that is, but I had a hard time walking.

With the amazing care of Angie, my foster mommy (I love her!), and my wonderful medical team, I had all of my medical woes fixed!  I want to wag my tail in thanks to The Pet Specialists of Monterey, VCA Blossom Hill and SAGE Veterinary Care. Now, I’m bouncing around with happiness waiting for my forever family.  

I am so grateful to everyone who helped me, cared for me and loved me.  I’m one lucky little girl!

I know that SVPP paid thousands of dollars to ensure I would have an amazing life, and I can’t begin to repay them.  It’s hard for a cute chihuahua like me to find good work. So, I’m looking to all the amazing animal lovers in our community to help me repay this gift I’ve been given -- the gift of life.  

But mostly, I’m looking for that bed I will call my own for the rest of my years.

Here’s a little more about me...I love to cuddle with my guardian and take brisque walks.  I’m especially appreciative of the distance I can go — up to a full mile! — since this was a challenge before my leg and ticker were fixed!  I have a terrific appetite and squeak for my meals! Surprisingly, I love fresh veggies like peas, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli, and nothing beats a sliced carrot for dessert!  By the way, I’m perfectly house trained and have even mastered the doggie door!

I am sooooo lucky and look forward to meeting my forever family! Please fill out an adoption application for me here.

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Silicon Valley Pet Project relies on donations to help dogs like Pipsqueak get the medical care they require.