Five Fabulous Reasons Why We Should be Family!

pupplaza_waffles (2).png

My name is Waffles and I need to bend your ear (although mine are pointed!). I’ve been in foster care for a while — in dog and people time — and I am soooooo ready for my forever home! Here are five fabulous reasons why you will hopefully love me, adopt me and make me part of your family...

1. I am like the best waffle ever! I’m a little crunchy on the outside but sweet and warm on the inside! It takes a minute to find my soft spot, but once we’re friends, I am fun, quirky, devoted, and affectionate. I’m all about the cuddle, the walk and — you choose — an awesome toy or bone! Don’t even get me started on tricks!

2. I’m mature without being old! I’m about 10 years old and am probably a Virgo — loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical, with a marvelous little bark.

3. I’m one of a kind! I’m a 13-pound mix, and you know that the best dogs are mutts! But, I come from good, honorable stock — Chihuahua, probably some Spaniel, maybe some Terrier...I have some enviable curly locks and cute pointed ears that are best of breed (I mean best of many breeds!).

4. I’m famous! You can find me adorably depicted on the Pup Plaza mural in all of my canine splendor. I was probably born to be a model. Woof!

5. I can fit beautifully in a home as a solo pet – and be a devoted member of the family. Like all dogs, I do best with a little routine and some good structure to bring out the very best Waffles in me!

My foster mom is amazing, but limbo can be hard. I’m ready to begin the next phase of my life and maybe it will be with you. Please fill out an adoption application today!

Xoxo, Waffles