My Visit with Pawpular Pups at PetCon

Hi, I’m Chief!  Let me tell you about a pawsitively perfect event I attended, called PetCon. It was an enormous, fun and pet-focused convention held last month in Los Angeles.  I was one lucky boy as my mom, Ashley, took me along with a few of my pup friends. And let me tell you, I have never seen so many dogs in one place! There were a lot of four-legged friends like me, both big and small, and of course, many two-legged human friends as well.

What is PetCon you might ask? Well, our new intern, Amy, interviewed me about my experience at the event!

Me with my pancake

What was your favorite part of PetCon?

My favorite pawrt about PetCon was the food! My mom took me to a booth that created my face with a pancake! I had to model and stay still while they were drawing me with pancake batter. And boy, did it smell yummy! The finished product looked like me, but less furry and less handsome.

My Good Boy

Did you meet any of your four-legged celebrity idols?

Ever heard of Bush’s baked beans? Well, I got to meet the famous Duke (@itsdukebush) himself! I would consider him one of my idols because he gets to be around those good smelling beans all the time! I tried to get the famous recipe, but the Bush family secret is still safe!

Did you meet any other impressive friends?Y

Yes, of course! There was a pup that pushed around a shopping cart, which would be amazing to master so I could go grocery shopping once in a while! I also saw Louboutina (@louboutinanyc), the famous hugging golden retriever. I also give great hugs, and kisses too!

What activities did you participate in at PetCon?

There were so many activities to do at the convention! I got to sit on a comfy couch, which made me feel like the “Chief” of Police. I met a nice lady, I think my mom called her a psychic reader. She told my mom all about my past (before I was adopted), and also told her what makes me happy! I posed for countless photos with new friends -- the pawparazzi were everywhere! My mom got to chat with numerous two-legged friends, vendors, and panelists at the convention as well. There were food trucks and even artists who drew a cartoon version of me!

Chief with friends.png

Oh, before I forget, did you know I’m on Instagram? I’m famous! It’s @thetravelsofchief, so use those paws to add me, because I’m what you may call, a social butterfly and love meeting new friends!

Well, hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures at PetCon!



Editor’s Note: Amy Yasukawa, SVPP’s summer intern, worked closely with Chief on his blog — even scribing as he described his PetCon experience.