Homeward Bound to My Furever Family

Frida Aug Dog Blog.jpg

Hi, I’m Frida and I am a delightful and darling deaf dachshund. I recently found my forever happy home and I’m discovering new adventures every single day! Here’s a “tail” of my very first day with my new dad!

 When I arrived at my new house, there was a nice fella with a long white beard there to greet me! I know what you’re thinking… it’s Santa Claus!  Well, I’ll do you one better!  That man is now my new dad, Theo, and we are having a blast together. I took a good, long sniff around the house and was even introduced to a kitty cat, who seemed like she had no bones about me.

 My dad found a chew toy for me to run around and play with, and that is just what I decided to do. After a while, I became sleepy, so I decided to catch some z’s in my cozy new bed by my dad’s office desk.


 After snoozing, I decided to find a safe spot for my toy.  So, I went on a hot pursuit, looking for the perfect hiding place.

 Under the dining room chair? No, too obvious. Dad would probably find it.

Near Miss Cat? Definitely not!

 Aha! At last, I found the perfect spot… under the covers of my dog bed, of course!  But, just as I was burying the treasured toy, I caught a glimpse of my dad watching me this whole time! Doggone it! Strike one…on to a new hiding spot. With a little more sniffing and hunting, I think I found the most ideal and secret location. Okay, I’ll tell you, but make sure you don’t tell a soul!  Shhh… it’s outside between the big rubbery snow tires and the tall wooden fence. Whew… after all that work my little legs became tired, so I decided to take a quick siesta. Wasn’t that a good idea?

frida and toys

 All I could dream about was my new toy! Waking from my nap, the first thing on my mind was to grab my toy! But don’t you worry, I remembered exactly where I put that fluffy thing! I briskly trotted in the house and over to my dog bed, to find… nothing! *Gasp* I looked to my dad and said, “Hmm, that’s strange. I could have sworn I put it here.” Back outside I go to hunt down my buried treasure. Now where did I put that thing?

In the flower pot? Nope.

On the porch? No, not there.

 Alas, I found it!  Right where I left it!  Silly me!  I cautiously took my toy back to my bed for a chew break. Then, I beelined it to the backyard to find the perfect spot to bury my toy once again. The first three spots weren’t quite right, but the fourth spot was perfect!  I toss my toy to the bottom of a hole where a plant once laid. “This time, I won’t forget where I placed you”, I said to my toy.

 I went out for a short walk and built up an appetite. I ate dinner and aimed straight for my bed.

This time, as I laid down, slowly dozing off to sleep, I told my dad, “this will work out just fine.”

Amy Yasukawa, SVPP's summer intern, helped Frida scribe her blog.